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  • Runes Bitcoin Memecoins

    Runes Bitcoin Memecoins

    In the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrency, a new concept is gaining attention: Bitcoin runes. These are essentially digital assets or ‘memecoins’ created on the Bitcoin network, particularly following the Taproot upgrade and the introduction of the Ordinals protocol. Unlike traditional non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on networks like Ethereum, which are often just links to digital…

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  • Bitcoin Runes & Halving

    Bitcoin Runes & Halving

    Let’s delve into accurate information regarding Bitcoin halving and Rune protocol, and compare it with BRC-20.

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  • Presale Memecoins on Solana

    Presale Memecoins on Solana

    Solana has become the breeding ground for the latest crypto craze: memecoin presales. Over $100 million has flooded into these projects in just a few days, fueled by dreams of quick profits. But before you ape in (crypto slang for blindly investing), let’s dive into this phenomenon and understand the risks involved.

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  • Trojan Bot on Solana

    Trojan Bot on Solana

    Unibot on Solana has rebranded to Trojan on Solana. It’s the same sleek user interface, super fast Telegram bot that allows you to trade memecoins on Solana.

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  • Top 5 Meme Coins March 2024

    Top 5 Meme Coins March 2024

    Memecoins is one of the top narratives for these market cycle. There are 5 clear leaders in March 2024 and in this text we cover them all: DOGE, SHIB, PEPE, BONK, WIF.

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  • dogwifhat WIF meme coin

    dogwifhat WIF meme coin

    The Dogwifhat token (WIF), a meme coin in the Solana blockchain, has experienced significant growth and fluctuations in its market performance. Initially regarded as another meme token, Dogwifhat has gained substantial traction, mirroring the trajectory of other successful meme coins.

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  • Solana Meme Coins

    Solana Meme Coins

    Trading Solana memecoins requires a nuanced approach, blending careful research with an understanding of the blockchain’s unique ecosystem.

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  • Top 8 Meme Coins

    Top 8 Meme Coins

    Meme coins are a unique and increasingly popular category within the cryptocurrency world. They are digital currencies that are often created as a joke or to pay homage to internet memes and pop culture phenomena. Dogecoin (DOGE), the original meme coin, and Shiba Inu (SHIB) are prime examples of this trend​​.

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  • 5 Memecoins to Watch

    5 Memecoins to Watch

    Memecoins have one fundamental value – they grab attention. Attention then can be monetized through sponsorships, ads or merch. That’s why I’m bullish on memecoins in general. Attention is money, and meme coins tend to grab attention pretty well, especially on Twitter. 5 memecoins list Yup, this is the list of memecoins that I watch…

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  • Meme Coin Guide

    Meme Coin Guide

    As the cryptocurrency world continues to evolve, we’re finding ourselves in the midst of a meme coin season. The key to maximizing your gains during this period lies in discovering new meme coins early on. The early bird truly does get the worm—or, in this case, the token.

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  • Pepe Crypto Meme Coin

    Pepe Crypto Meme Coin

    It’s no secret that the crypto community loves Pepe, the iconic frog created by Matt Fury. Pepe has been used all over the internet to comment on various topics, often accompanied by phrases like “feels good man” and other associated slogans. The fascinating story of Pepe’s rise, its temporary association with far-right groups, and its…

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