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Sei Network

Sei Network is a Layer 1 blockchain platform optimized for decentralized finance (DeFi) applications. It features a native utility token, SEI, which plays a multifaceted role within its ecosystem.

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Sei Network Overview

Here’s a deep dive into the various aspects of Sei Network and its token:

Technology and Innovations

Sei Network boasts several technological advancements to enhance its performance and usability. Key features include:

  • Twin-Turbo Consensus: This includes Intelligent Block Propagation and Optimistic Block Processing, which collectively increase throughput efficiency by about 40% and reduce block times, with reported block times of around 300ms​​.
  • Parallel Order Execution: This feature allows orders from independent markets to be processed simultaneously, significantly increasing throughput while maintaining deterministic behavior among validators​​.
  • Native Order-Matching Engine: It incorporates features like single-block order execution, order bundling, frequent batch auctions, and a native price oracle built into Layer 1 to enhance trading efficiency​​.


The SEI token serves several functions in the network, including paying for transaction fees, staking for network security, participating in governance, providing native collateral, and being used in fee markets. SEI tokens also play a crucial role in the decentralization of the network, as token holders actively participate in consensus mechanisms and governance decisions​​. The total supply of SEI is capped at 10 billion tokens, with 51% allocated to the community, which includes staking rewards, ecosystem initiatives, and airdrops​​.

Market and Community Engagement

Sei Network has garnered significant interest, particularly with its partnerships and community involvement. Key developments include:

  • Partnerships with Major Protocols: Sei has collaborated with protocols like SushiSwap and Axelar, which will bring a perpetual futures exchange and cross-chain interoperability to the network, respectively​​.
  • Community and Social Media Presence: The network has a substantial following on platforms like Twitter and Discord, indicating a strong community base​​.

Sei dApp Ecosystem

The Sei Network, a Layer 1 blockchain optimized for DeFi applications, hosts a variety of projects across different sectors. Here’s an overview of some of the top projects and categories within its ecosystem:

  1. Asset Management: Projects like Apollo DAO and MC2 Fi are part of the Sei ecosystem, focusing on decentralized asset management.
  2. Bridging Solutions: The network includes bridging projects such as Axelar Network, Celer, Gravity Bridge, and Multichain. These projects facilitate the movement of assets and information across different blockchain networks.
  3. Centralized Exchanges (CEX): Platforms like Lit and MEXC Global, which are among the leading digital asset exchanges, are also part of Sei’s ecosystem.
  4. Decentralized Exchanges (DEX): Sei Network hosts a range of DEX projects including Copycat Finance, Crescent, Cypher Protocol, Future Proof, Kryptonite, Leonicorn, Pharaon, Satori, Senate DAO, Synthr, and Vortex.
  5. Explorers: Projects like Commonwealth and Mintscan provide blockchain exploration tools within the Sei Network.
  6. Gaming: Gaming platforms such as Entice Coin and Gelotto are part of the ecosystem, exploring the integration of blockchain technology in gaming.
  7. Infrastructure and Incubators: This category includes projects like Andromeda, Babylon, Convergence, Kado, Kargo, KYVE, Mava, Nitro, Paddle, and White Whale, which provide various infrastructural and incubation services for blockchain projects.
  8. Launchpads: Eclipse Pad is an example of a launchpad within the Sei ecosystem, which helps new projects launch and gain traction.
  9. MEV Solutions: Projects like Skip focus on solving the Miner Extractable Value (MEV) issues in blockchain transactions.
  10. NFTs: The network also includes NFT platforms, offering new ways for creators and collectors to engage with digital assets.
  11. Oracles: Band Protocol, for example, provides oracle services within the Sei Network.
  12. Stablecoins: UXD is a stablecoin project within the Sei ecosystem, focusing on maintaining price stability.
  13. Wallets: Various wallet services like Coin98, Cosmostation, Falcon Wallet, Frontier, Keplr, Leap Wallet, and Terra Station are part of the ecosystem, offering secure storage and management of digital assets.

These projects leverage Sei’s high throughput and fast finality times, making it a suitable platform for a wide range of applications in the DeFi space. The ecosystem is growing, with over 100 dApps already launching on Sei, and many more are expected as the network continues to develop.

See more at Sei Ecosystem website.

Sei DeFi

Here’s the top Sei DeFi protocols by DefiLlama.

#NameCategoryTVL1d Change7d Change1m Change
1Astroport4 chains, Dexes$4.22m-3.49%+22222%+33.02%
2Levana Perps3 chains, Derivatives$263,376+5.93%+28.51%+345%
3Fuzio1 chain, Dexes$17,332+0.40%+6.72%+29.80%
4White Whale Dex7 chains, Dexes$16,959+12.90%+13.78%+112%
5SeaSwap1 chain, Dexes$4,994-4.88%-28.44%+132%
6Eris Protocol11 chains, Liquid Staking$4,183+18.19%+115%+1033%
Sei DeFi protocols

Astroport is a significant decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Terra network, known for its user-friendly interface and enhanced functionalities compared to its predecessor, Terraswap. It has established itself as a central hub in the Terra ecosystem, offering a range of services and features that cater to different user needs.

Key Features of Astroport:

  1. Swap Functionality: Astroport offers a straightforward and intuitive interface for token swapping. Users can easily select their desired tokens and view important details like exchange rates and price impacts before confirming transactions.
  2. Liquidity Pools: One of the major improvements Astroport brought over Terraswap is the detailed information available for liquidity pools. Users can view annual percentage yields (APYs) for different pools, along with other relevant data such as total liquidity and 24-hour trading volumes. This transparency helps users make informed decisions when contributing liquidity.
  3. Locked Liquidity and Rewards: Astroport allows users to lock their liquidity provider (LP) tokens and claim rewards generated from these tokens. It provides options for managing locked liquidity and claiming rewards in a streamlined manner.
  4. Governance and Tokenomics: Astroport is governed by its community through the $ASTRO token. The tokenomics is designed to give the community a significant say in the platform’s direction. ASTRO token distribution is geared towards ensuring community control, with provisions for liquidity rewards, a governance assembly, and allocations for builders.
  5. Community-Driven and Open Source: Astroport stands out as a community-driven platform, with an open-source nature allowing for broad participation and governance by ASTRO token holders.

Astroport’s architecture has been successful in attracting a wide user base due to its efficiency, transparency, and community-focused approach. Its role as a decentralized, permissionless marketplace makes it an essential component of the Terra ecosystem, facilitating the exchange of digital assets in a secure and user-friendly environment.

Sei Future Potential

Sei Network shows promise with its advanced technology and strong community support. However, its real-world efficiency and the sustainability of the high valuation of SEI tokens are yet to be fully tested and proven in the dynamic digital market. The upcoming months, particularly with the launch of 30 Sei applications, will be crucial in determining its long-term prospects and value​​.

In conclusion, Sei Network appears to be a promising player in the DeFi space, with innovative technology and a strong emphasis on community engagement and decentralization. Its success, however, will depend on how effectively it can navigate the challenges and opportunities in the evolving digital asset market.

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