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9 Top Memecoins on Base

In the fast-evolving world of cryptocurrencies, memecoins have carved out a niche that combines elements of internet culture, humor, and speculative investing. Among the myriad of digital tokens, certain memecoins have recently garnered attention on the Base platform, each with its own unique appeal and quirks. Let’s delve into the characteristics and recent market behaviors of notable memecoins like BRETT, NORMIE, TOSHI, DEGEN, ROOST, BSB, DOGINME, PONCHO, and BRIUN.

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Top Base Memecoins

Let’s cover the most hyped and most popular memecoins on Base L2 blockchain. These are not financial advice, crypto is risky so always do research before buying anything.

List of top memecoins:

  1. BRETT, NORMIE, and BRIUN: These coins have recently experienced significant trading volumes on Base, with notable fluctuations in their value. For instance, BRETT, NORMIE, and BRIUN all experienced a drop of 10-30% in their values within a short period​.
  2. TOSHI: Highlighted as a tribute to Brian Armstrong’s cat and named after Satoshi Nakamoto, TOSHI represents a playful investment opportunity. It’s considered as a potential flagship memecoin of Base, drawing on the crypto community’s admiration for Nakamoto and Armstrong’s influence.
  3. DEGEN: This coin is strategically distributed to Farcaster users, tapping into a community already engaged with cryptocurrency. It’s seen as setting a precedent for community-driven value​.
  4. DOGINME: Capitalizes on the popular phrase “Got that dog in him,” embodying resilience and tenacity, qualities celebrated in crypto trading circles​.
  5. PONCHO: As a cat-themed coin, PONCHO, alongside MOCHI, aims to attract cat lovers, much like how dog-themed memecoins appeal to dog enthusiasts​.
  6. ROOST and BSB: Recent launches that are super popular currently.

Based Memes

In conclusion, the world of memecoins on Base presents a fascinating blend of internet culture, speculative investing, and community dynamics. While the potential for significant gains exists, so too does the risk of substantial losses. As with any investment, especially in the frontier world of cryptocurrencies, caution and informed decision-making are paramount.

Watch the video discussion of top 9 memecoins on Base:

Top 9 Base memecoins

P.S. Nothing here is financial advice, links are affiliate.

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