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Bitcoin Layer 2 List

As the Bitcoin network grows, so does the need for solutions that can handle an increasing volume of transactions efficiently. This is where Layer 2 solutions come into play. They are designed to augment the capabilities of the Bitcoin blockchain by handling transactions off the main chain, thus improving transaction speeds and reducing costs without compromising on security.

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Layer 2 for Bitcoin

The following table provides a comprehensive overview of various Bitcoin Layer 2 projects. It categorizes them by their unique relationship with Bitcoin, the type of Layer 2 solution they provide, and their compatibility with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), showcasing the diverse approaches developers are taking to enhance Bitcoin’s scalability.

Project NameRelationship with BitcoinType of Layer 2EVM Compatibility
SyscoinMerge-miningLayer 2 InfrastructureYes
BVMOptimistic Verification of computationLayer 2 InfrastructureYes
Liquid Network2-way-pegSidechainNo
Merlin Chain2-way-peg for Bitcoin-native assetsSidechainYes
BEVMBTC light clientsSidechainYes
Map ProtocolBTC light clientsSidechainYes
InterlayDecentralised Bitcoin BridgeSidechainNo
Rosetta NetworkDecentralised BRC-20 BridgeSidechainNo
DoviDecentralised multi-signature transactionsSidechainYes
BotanixSpiderchain: Decentralised chain of Multi-sigsSidechainYes
StacksTransactions are hashed and stored on BitcoinSidechainNo
Bison LabsInscribe ZK Proofs on Bitcoin, verification on front endZK RollupNo
LumiBitOn-chain storage script and off-chain validatorZK RollupYes
B² NetworkOptimistic Verification of ZK-ProofsZK RollupYes
CitreaOptimistic Verification of ZK-ProofsZK RollupYes
ROOSOptimistic Verification of ZK-ProofsZK RollupYes
SatoshiVMOptimistic Verification of ZK-ProofsZK RollupYes
BOBBTC light clients > Merge-mining > BitVMOptimistic RollupYes
BiopDAOBuilt using BVMOptimistic RollupYes
RolluxBuilt using SyscoinOptimistic RollupYes
BitlayerOptimistic Verification of computationOptimistic RollupNo
Bitcoin Layer 2 List

Bitcoin Layer 2

The list of Layer 2 solutions is a testament to the innovative strides being made within the Bitcoin ecosystem. These projects reflect a commitment to not only preserve the core principles of Bitcoin but also to expand its utility and accessibility. With a range of approaches from merge-mining to Optimistic and ZK-Rollups, the landscape is rich with potential. EVM compatibility also indicates a bridge towards interoperability with smart contract platforms, opening up a world of possibilities for developers and users alike.

As these projects continue to mature and gain adoption, they will play a critical role in shaping the future of Bitcoin as a scalable, efficient, and versatile platform for the next generation of financial services and beyond. Read also about Bitcoin DeFi ecosystem here.

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