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Canto Parallel EVM

The Canto network aims to provide an ideal ecosystem for developers to create sustainable and scalable applications. In pursuit of this goal, Canto introduced two innovative mechanisms last year: Free Public Infrastructure and Contract Secured Revenue, offering developers enhanced financial frameworks for app development. A key focus for Canto is continuous innovation in financial primitives and incentive layers, along with advancements in core blockchain technology.

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What is Cyclone Stack on Canto?

Recently, Canto contributors, spearheaded by the B-Harvest development team, proposed the development of the Cyclone Stack. This is a series of upgrades aimed at boosting Canto’s performance and scalability through a parallel execution engine.

The Cyclone Stack consists of three upgrades:

  1. Callisto Upgrade: This involves upgrading Canto to use Cosmos SDK v0.50, implementing the ABCI 2.0 interface in CometBFT v0.38, and introducing Optimistic Execution. ABCI 2.0 allows blockchains more control over the consensus process and sets the foundation for parallelized execution. Cosmos v0.50’s Optimistic Execution enables transactions to be processed faster by allowing them to be processed before full confirmation from all validators.
  2. Elara Upgrade: This introduces the Cyclone EVM, an optimistic parallel execution EVM that allows multiple transactions to be processed concurrently. The Cyclone EVM utilizes ABCI 2.0 for parallel processing, optimizing throughput in transaction processing and handling transaction conflicts through a conflict detection and re-execution mechanism.
  3. Kallichore Upgrade: This focuses on integrating mem-IAVL on Canto to reduce storage access bottlenecks. By using separate data layers for state commitment and storage and implementing mem-IAVL for state commitment, this upgrade aims to enhance blockchain performance in terms of speed and stability.

Post-upgrade, Canto will maintain full EVM compatibility, meaning existing apps and tools will continue to function without additional development work. The Callisto Upgrade is scheduled for release in Q2 2024, while the Elara and Kallichore upgrades are planned for completion in the second half of 2024.

What is Canto?

Canto, as a Layer-1 blockchain, is designed to fulfill the promise of decentralized finance (DeFi) by offering systems that are accessible, transparent, decentralized, and free, powered by Free Public Infrastructure.

Watch the video discussion of Canto Parallel EVM upgrade here:

Canto Parallel EVM upgrade

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