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Category: DeFi

  • Canto Parallel EVM

    Canto Parallel EVM

    The Canto network aims to provide an ideal ecosystem for developers to create sustainable and scalable applications. In pursuit of this goal, Canto introduced two innovative mechanisms last year: Free Public Infrastructure and Contract Secured Revenue, offering developers enhanced financial frameworks for app development. A key focus for Canto is continuous innovation in financial primitives…

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  • KelpDAO KEP Airdrop

    KelpDAO KEP Airdrop

    KelpDAO is a new project focused on liquid staking within the Ethereum ecosystem. This innovative concept is attracting attention, and with that comes a lucrative airdrop to entice early adopters. Here’s what you need to know, distilled from the best YouTube resources.

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  • ZeroLend zkSync Airdrop

    ZeroLend zkSync Airdrop

    ZeroLend is a new money market protocol launching on the ZK Sync blockchain. To build an active community ahead of launch, they’re holding a generous airdrop with certain eligibility criteria. Here’s a breakdown of what you should know, drawn from several informative YouTube videos on the topic.

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  • Restaking Restaking

    Ethereum staking has risen as a key way to support network integrity and earn rewards for securing the blockchain. However, for many, barriers like the traditional 32 ETH lock-up made participation difficult. tackles this limitation, offering a decentralized, non-custodial platform to stake any amount of ETH and reap the benefits.

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  • Top 5 RWA Crypto

    Top 5 RWA Crypto

    Real World Assets (RWAs) refer to a category of assets that include any value-generating entities from the traditional, non-digital world. This can encompass physical assets like real estate, commodities, or even financial instruments such as loans or insurance policies.

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  • Ethereum Layer 2 List

    Ethereum Layer 2 List

    In this post we will explore the most promising Ethereum Layer 2 blockchains and give a comprehensive list of ETH L2s.

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  • MEV arbitrage

    MEV arbitrage

    Maximal Extractable Value (MEV) has become an essential aspect of the Ethereum ecosystem and various other blockchain platforms. MEV allows users to extract value from transactions by rearranging them differently into a block. One tool that has made it easy to explore this fascinating world is EigenPhi, a user-friendly dashboard that provides insights into what’s…

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  • PC Crypto DeFi Guide

    PC Crypto DeFi Guide

    Decentralized finance, or DeFi, is a financial system built on top of a blockchain network. It allows for peer-to-peer financial transactions without the need for intermediaries such as banks or other financial institutions. This means that DeFi transactions are decentralized, transparent, and secure, and they can be conducted directly between users without the need for…

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