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Crypto airdrops are the best way to build your wealth and knowledge in crypto if you start from zero.

LootBot is an innovative Telegram bot designed to automate the process of participating in cryptocurrency airdrops. It aims to streamline the often complex and time-consuming task of airdrop farming, making it accessible and manageable through the Telegram app.

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LootBot summary

The following points provide a comprehensive overview of LootBot’s features and functionalities:

  1. Automated Airdrop Participation: LootBot enables users to automatically enter popular airdrops such as zkSync, Base, LayerZero, and others. It continuously adds new tasks and airdrops, enhancing the range of opportunities for users.
  2. Anti-Sybil Detection: To ensure effective and safe airdrop farming, LootBot employs strategies to avoid Sybil detection. This includes offering different curated routes that mimic real on-chain interactions and avoiding repetitive actions between wallets.
  3. Customization and Flexibility: Users have complete control over their airdrop farming journey. They can customize farming routes and schedules, and choose preferred protocols to farm on various blockchain networks.
  4. Trading Integration: LootBot facilitates direct trading of ERC-20 tokens through Telegram, optimizing the trading experience with features like instant order placement and optimized trading fees.
  5. Pricing Structure: The bot operates on a freemium model, allowing users to start for free and then opt for a premium subscription. The premium version offers additional benefits like unlimited wallets creation, advanced analytics, and faster support response times.
  6. $LOOT Token: The LootBot ecosystem includes the $LOOT token, which has various utilities such as discounted subscription fees and revenue sharing for token holders. You can buy $LOOT on BingX crypto exchange.
  7. Security and Control: Users maintain complete control over their funds as they are given private keys for the wallets created through LootBot. The security of funds is ensured through encryption standards.
  8. Supported Chains and Minimum Requirements: Initially focusing on zkSync, LootBot plans to expand to other EVM-compatible chains. To start using LootBot, a minimum deposit of 0.06 ETH is required, which covers expected gas fees.
  9. Airdrop Eligibility and Claim Process: LootBot enables users to check airdrop eligibility and claim their airdrops directly within the bot, streamlining the process of managing and withdrawing airdrop rewards.

In essence, LootBot presents an automated, user-friendly solution for crypto enthusiasts to participate in airdrops, trade tokens, and manage their crypto assets efficiently through Telegram.

Watch the video review of Lootbot here:

Lootbot video review – Telegram bot for crypto airdrops

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