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Crypto Trading might be a daunting activity: speed counts for sniping up new tokens. Also doing limit orders on-chain might not be obvious.

Unibot is an innovative Telegram-based crypto trading bot that offers a sophisticated platform for automating trading strategies, thus enhancing efficiency and profitability for both novice and experienced traders. It has an Ethereum and a Solana version.

Start with Unibot on Ethereum here.

Start with Unibot on Solana here.

Unibot Features

Here’s a detailed overview of UniBot’s features, benefits, and usage:

  1. Key Features of UniBot:
    • Limit Orders: UniBot enables traders to set automatic orders at specific market prices, particularly useful for decentralized exchanges (DEXes) that do not typically support such orders.
    • Sniper Tools: The bot offers features like mirror sniping to mimic successful traders and method sniping for detecting new token launches and liquidity on DEXes.
    • PNL Analysis: Users can track their profits and losses through detailed insights provided by UniBot, helping them validate and refine their trading strategies.
    • Private Transactions: The bot facilitates private trades that are protected from Miner Extractable Value (MEV) bot vulnerabilities, reducing risks such as front-running or sandwich attacks.
    • Fail Guard Sell Feature: UniBot provides the capability to test if an order will fail beforehand, thus avoiding unnecessary gas fees and maximizing profit potential.
  2. Ease of Use and Speed:
    • UniBot is known for its user-friendly interface within the Telegram app, making it a popular choice for crypto trading.
    • It is reportedly six times faster than manual trading on platforms like Uniswap, offering an edge in trading efficiency.
  3. Revenue Model and Tokenomics:
    • UniBot has a revenue model where 40% of transaction fees and a percentage of the trading volume are redistributed to $UNIBOT token holders.
    • The UniBot token (UNIBOT) also powers the ecosystem and offers benefits like revenue sharing and a loyalty program.
    • You can buy $UNIBOT token on MEXC crypto exchange.
  4. Security Considerations:
    • While UniBot offers convenience and speed, users should be aware of the security implications. Storing private keys on external platforms, like in the case of Telegram bots, can pose security risks. Users are advised to exercise caution and take necessary steps to secure their assets.
  5. Getting Started with UniBot:
    • To use UniBot, you need to have the Telegram app. Once installed, search for unibotsniper_bot on Telegram and start the bot.
    • The bot automatically creates wallets for users, which need to be funded to execute trades.
  6. Trading Process:
    • Users can buy and sell Ethereum tokens directly from their wallet on Telegram using UniBot.
    • The bot’s liquidity provision model is distinct from traditional approaches, offering liquidity providers a hedging effect and the potential for high APRs through highly concentrated liquidity in Uniswap V3.
  7. Challenges:
    • New traders may find the initial learning curve a bit challenging.
    • There could be technical issues or downtimes affecting trade execution.
    • The storage of private keys on external platforms raises security concerns.

Unibot represents a significant advancement in Telegram-based crypto trading, providing an array of tools and features to facilitate efficient and secure trading within the popular messaging app.

Start with Unibot on Ethereum here.

Unibot review on Ethereum

Unibot on Solana

Unibot, a popular Telegram bot known for its cryptocurrency trading features on Ethereum, has expanded its capabilities to the Solana ecosystem. This new development aims to cater to the growing interest and activity in the Solana blockchain, known for its low transaction fees and efficient decentralized applications (dApps).

Unibot on Solana

The expansion of Unibot to Solana is significant due to several key features and enhancements:

  1. Advanced Limit Orders: On Solana, Unibot supports advanced limit orders, enabling users to set specific price points for buying or selling, a feature particularly useful for DEXes.
  2. Enhanced Token Analysis and Charts: The integration includes embedded charts and token analysis tools, providing users with more detailed insights into their trading activities and market trends.
  3. Improved Trading Strategies: Unibot on Solana comes equipped with advanced routing and trading priority strategies, offering users more sophisticated methods for executing trades.
  4. Bi-directional Bridging: A notable feature is the built-in Ethereum and Solana bi-directional bridging, facilitating seamless transactions between the two blockchains.
  5. Collaboration for Enhanced Experience: The launch of Unibot on Solana is backed by a collaboration with Jupiter and Birdeye, aiming to provide a seamless trading experience within the Solana ecosystem. This partnership is expected to leverage Birdeye’s data aggregation capabilities, enhancing the overall trading experience for users.
  6. Increased Trading Volume and User Base: Following its success on Ethereum, Unibot’s move to Solana has seen a surge in trading volumes and user engagement, indicating its growing popularity in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space.
  7. UNIBOT Token Performance: The price of Unibot’s token (UNIBOT) has shown positive trends, with an increase in value and revenues being shared with token holders.

This strategic expansion into the Solana network by Unibot reflects the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency trading and the growing demand for versatile, efficient trading tools across different blockchain ecosystems. It also highlights the increasing relevance of Telegram bots in the realm of crypto trading, offering users convenience and accessibility in managing their digital assets.

Start with Unibot on Solana here.

Unibot on Solana review

And remember to always do your research. Crypto trading is risky! Nothing here is financial advice.

Unibot Stats

Finally if you want to have a look at how Unibot is being used currently, check out this dashboard on Dune:

Unibot team is very active and has great plans for 2024.

Follow them on Twitter to stay current.

Happy trading!

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