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Bonk Trading Bot

BonkBot is a Telegram-based trading bot operating on the Solana blockchain, designed to facilitate and speed up trading activities for users. It enables users to buy and sell digital assets directly through Telegram, streamlining the trading process significantly.

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Bonk Bot Features

Key features of BonkBot include:

  • Blazingly-fast trading: Allows for quick trading actions within the Telegram app, making it a convenient option for users on the go.
  • Auto Buy function: This feature enables automatic purchasing of a coin when its token address is pasted, enhancing the speed of transactions.
  • Referral system: Users can earn a percentage of trading fees by referring others to the bot. The referral earnings are structured as 30% in the first month, decreasing over time but continuing indefinitely.
  • Profit and Loss (PNL) Overview: Provides comprehensive management of positions, tracking various metrics such as Market Cap, Profit After Fees, Liquidity, Token Balance, and Recent Price Changes.
  • Bonk Buy and Burn: A unique aspect where 100% of the fees from trades are used to buy $BONK, the platform’s native token, and a portion of these tokens are burned, contributing to its deflationary nature.

BonkBot Stats

BonkBot generated significant revenue and trading volume, evidencing its increasing popularity and utility in the Solana ecosystem. In December, it generated over $8 million in fees, with a total trading volume exceeding $1 billion. This growth not only transformed $BONK from a meme coin to a more serious asset but also marked a significant milestone in its development.

BonkBot’s success is part of a larger trend within the Solana community, where it’s contributing to the overall growth and development of the ecosystem. The bot’s elevated usage, driven in part by promotional events like BONKmas, highlights its increasing relevance in the digital asset trading space.

The technology behind BonkBot, while not revolutionary in the broader crypto context, represents a real application of trading technology that is contributing positively to the crypto ecosystem. Its integration with existing platforms and its ability to streamline trading processes are key factors in its growing popularity.

Start trading with BonkBot for free here (our TG invite link).

BonkBot review

BonkBot and BONK memecoin

The bot has been created by BONK community, the top memecoin of Solana.

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If you’re looking for a detailed guide on how to use BonkBot, have a look at official guide.

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