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Celestia TIA Airdrops

Ultimate Celestia Crypto Airdrop Guide or how to turn $100 into $10,000 by staking $TIA.

In this text we’re going to cover the projects that might airdrop their tokens to stakers of TIA.

We cove basic strategies: liquid staking, borrowing, trading.

We also mention 10 different projects: $DYM, $ALT, Milky, Stride, Mars, Demex, $DOKI, Eclipse, Movement, Monad.

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Celestia TIA staking crypto airdrops

What is Celestia?

Staking Celestia $TIA might be one of the most profitable airdrop farming strategy in 2024. In this thread I’m going to explain why and what you can do to potentially qualify for future airdrops. Let’s start with explanation of what is Celestia.

Celestia is a modular blockchain platform designed to address some of the limitations faced by traditional blockchain architectures. In a conventional blockchain system, every node processes every transaction, which can lead to scalability issues as the number of transactions grows. Celestia’s modular approach separates the consensus and execution layers of the blockchain.

Data Availability is a crucial concept in blockchain technology, particularly important in the context of Celestia. It refers to the assurance that all the data necessary to validate the blockchain’s state is available to all participants. This is vital because, in a decentralized system, participants must be able to independently verify the blockchain’s integrity.

Modularity + Data Availability is why staking $TIA might bring you an airdrop. There are multiple blockchains like Eclipse, Movement or Monad, that will be using Celestia Data Availability and hence might want to reward holders. So how much $TIA should you stake and how?

First steps for TIA staking

First of all, you should buy $TIA if you don’t have it already. You can buy it for example on MEXC with our special link.

Once you have $TIA, you can transfer it to a native wallet. Keplr Wallet is the most popular.

Install it, create a new wallet and withdraw $TIA there.

Kepl Wallet for Celestia TIA staking

You can stake $TIA directly in Keplr Wallet.

  • Go to Keplr Dashboard
  • Choose Celestia and scroll down to validators
  • Pick the validators you like (or top ones, but outside top 3 to decentralize more)
  • Click on Stake

That’s it!


Qualify for Celestia TIA airdrops

How much $TIA you should stake? It depends on particular airdrops, but recent airdrop of $ALT from Altlayer, shows that you needed at least 35 $TIA to qualify.

We would guess 51 $TIA should qualify you for most airdrops. If you don’t have that, it’s ok, there’re other options


Another big airdrop is coming soon from Dymension.

$DYM claiming is already over and it should be distributed directly. It was enough to stake 1 $TIA to qualify.


Liquid Staking TIA

Staking $TIA natively is one thing to qualify, but there’s more. You can do liquid staking too, so receive liquid tokens that you can put back into DeFi to maximize various airdrop chances.

Milky Way Zone has $milkTIA – a liquid staking token, that you can then use in other places and… potentially qualify for a $MILK airdrop if there’s a governance token at some point.

Another liquid staking solution for Celestia is Stride. Stride has a subsite on airdrops and is working towards potential airdrops for holders. Read more about Stride here.

stride liquid staking for celestia TIA

With liquid staked $TIA you can use it in various DeFi projects.

Mars Protocol is borrowing/lending protocol, that did an airdrop recently. You can supply milkTIA as a collateral.


Another airdrop is coming from Demex Exchange.

This is an exchange that can take your staked TIA as a collateral. Trade to earn points to get an airdrop.

demex exchange crypto airdrop

Finally we also have DOKI – a memecoin coming to $TIA stakers. The claim period is over for now and distribution should begin soon.

Celestia Blockchains

Now we have a couple of blockchains coming that are using Celestia Data Availability. These are

Each might potentially airdrop their tokens to $TIA stakers.

There are many more projects coming that might honor staking $TIA.

The best strategy is simply to stake $TIA natively through Keplr Wallet and then also do some liquid staking with Stride and Milky Way.

This way you should qualify for the most of Celestia airdrops.

Watch the full Celestia crypto airdrop guide here:

Celestia TIA Staking Crypto Airdrop Guide

P.S. the above links are affiliate. Nothing here is financial advice. Crypto is risky!

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