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Whales Market for OTC Points

In the rapidly evolving realm of decentralized finance, Whales Market has emerged as a groundbreaking platform on the Solana blockchain. This innovative platform is redefining Over-The-Counter (OTC) trading by offering a secure, trustless environment for trading a variety of assets, including pre-TGE allocations, tokens, and NFTs, through smart contract technology. This marks a significant shift in ensuring transactional transparency and efficiency within the DeFi landscape.

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Whales Market for OTC crypto trades on Solana

Dual Markets for Enhanced Trading Flexibility

Whales Market is uniquely structured to cater to a wide range of trading needs. The platform features two distinct markets: Pre Market and OTC Market. The Pre Market represents a pioneering approach to P2P trading of pre-TGE token allocations, leveraging smart contracts for increased security and transparency. The OTC Market, on the other hand, ensures the safe and secure P2P trading of tokens and NFTs, moving beyond traditional informal trading channels​​.

Worth mentioning is also the fact that Whales Market was created by a team from Lootbot, an airdrop farming bot.

Trading Points and Pre-Market Tokens on Whales Market

A standout feature of Whales Market is its Points Market, allowing users to trade awarding points from various projects. This has become particularly popular among airdrop hunters, turning previously non-monetizable rewards into valuable assets. For instance, the platform experienced significant trading activity with the Jupiter protocol’s airdropped token JUP, generating over $40 million in total volume even before the token’s official launch​​.

trading points on Whales Market


At the core of Whales Market’s economic model is the $WHALES token, designed to transparently and fairly incentivize platform growth. The tokenomics involve a total supply of 100 million $WHALES tokens, distributed across various segments including airdrops, team allocation, liquidity, and more. The economic model also encompasses trading fees, revenue sharing, and a Buyback and Burn mechanism, all contributing to the platform’s ongoing development and expansion​​​​.

Expanding Beyond Solana

While Whales Market currently focuses on the Solana ecosystem, its ambitions extend much further. Plans are underway to expand into the Ethereum network and explore both EVM and non-EVM chains, as well as ZK blockchains. This aligns with the growing significance of cryptocurrency in global finance, positioning Whales Market at the forefront of this major shift from traditional markets to the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies​​.

Enhancing Security in P2P Cryptocurrency Trading

A crucial aspect of Whales Market is its commitment to addressing the inherent risks in peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading. By centralizing OTC trading on a single platform, Whales Market enables buyers and sellers to conduct on-chain transactions with capital locked in smart contracts, significantly reducing the risk of financial losses due to scams or fraudulent practices common in informal trading methods​​​​.

New Generation of DeFi

In essence, Whales Market is not merely a trading platform but a comprehensive solution for OTC trading in decentralized finance, particularly within the Solana ecosystem. Its novel approach to trading various asset types, combined with robust security mechanisms, cements its position as a key player in transforming the cryptocurrency trading landscape​.

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