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Crypto Events 2023

Get ready to pack your bags, charge your devices, and update your crypto wallets because we’re about to embark on a whirlwind tour of some of the most buzz-worthy tech gatherings this side of the blockchain! This isn’t your average rundown of snooze-fest symposiums; oh no, we’re talking about the crème de la crème of crypto conclaves where the coffee is strong and the Wi-Fi is (hopefully) stronger.

First up, we’ll sneak into ETH Lisbon, the place to be if Ethereum is your love language. Picture this: Code wizards and smart contract sorcerers throwing around hexadecimal spells like it’s magic. Moving on, we’ll crash the NFT San Francisco Conference where the only thing thicker than the fog is the aura of digital art mogul vibes.

Then, hold onto your hats as we jet-set to Berlin for Tapastartup 2.0 – because who said you can’t mix business with the pleasure of munching on tapas? We’re also dropping by the Websummit in Lissabon; it’s where the cool kids (read: digital evangelists) set up camp to preach the good word of tech.

Of course, no tour is complete without a pit stop in the Big Apple for the Benzinga’s Future of Crypto Conference, because if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere – just ask any Bitcoin.

And let’s not forget the Virtual Software Development Conference in Tokyo – where you can attend in your PJs and no one would know. Unless, of course, your webcam betrays you.

So, gear up for a journey that promises more networking than a LinkedIn convention and more disruptive ideas than Elon Musk’s Twitter feed. It’s going to be a ride filled with as many buzzwords as a Silicon Valley pitch deck – and you’re invited to hop aboard the blockchain bandwagon!

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List of Crypto Events in 2023 and 2024

ETH LisbonNovember 03, 2023Lisbon
Ethereum Block SummitNovember 06, 2023Lisboa
NFT San Francisco ConferenceNovember 06, 2023San Francisco
Tapastartup 2.0November 06, 2023Berlin
2023 Websummit Lissabon Digital Evangelists CampNovember 11, 2023Usseira
GM Web Summit – web3 frens meetup (websummit)November 13, 2023Lisboa
Benzinga’s 2023 Future of Crypto ConferenceNovember 14, 2023New York
Newconomics, Join World Tech Leaders to Build the Future. NOV 14-15, LisbonNovember 14, 2023Lisboa
Unlimited Reality Experience [Demo] and Business thinkingNovember 14, 2023Amsterdam
SwissBorg and Frens Lisbon Cross-Community EventNovember 14, 2023Lisboa
The Punkhouse by XPUNK NFTs x Web Summit x NewconomicsNovember 14, 2023Lisboa
Exploring Web3 – Executive Networking LunchNovember 15, 2023Lisboa
Network Drinks @ Ledger Leopard – Dutch Blockchain Week 2023November 16, 2023Amsterdam
FINTECH FINANCE BANKING FORUM 2023November 27, 2023London
Next Block Expo – the Blockchain Festival of EuropeDecember 04, 2023Berlin
W3N 2023December 12, 2023Estonia
NFT.NYC 2024April 03, 2024Manhattan
Bite-Con 2024 Tech ConferenceApril 25, 2024Miami
ProductCamp EU NetherlandsMay 30, 2024Hoofddorp
NFT Marketplace – NFT digital art exchangeJuly 10, 2026New York

If you know of more crypto events, write me on Twitter and I’m happy to add them here.

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