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Cryptocurrency form a new market and you need a crypto exchange to buy your first crypto coin like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Solana. In this text we list all the crypto exchanges in 2024 that can be used for trading crypto assets.

Here’s the full table of current Crypto Exchanges ranked by internal models. We offer our special VIP links to each exchange we have tested. These links give you access to additional bonus or discounts on registration.

Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges in 2024

#ExchangeDescriptionLaunch DateVolume (24h sample)
1BinanceLeading global cryptocurrency exchange.Jul 2017$32,353,595,893
2BybitPopular platform for crypto derivatives trading.Mar 2018$10,961,521,334
3OKXMajor exchange offering a range of crypto services.Jan 2017$13,271,078,384
4BitgetRapidly growing exchange with diverse offerings.Apr 2018$9,348,420,429
5KuCoinUser-friendly exchange with a wide variety of tokens.Aug 2017$830,931,875
6DeribitFocused on cryptocurrency futures and options.Jun 2016$603,036,648
7KrakenOne of the oldest and well-established exchanges.Jul 2011$275,117,153
8BitfinexKnown for deep liquidity and advanced features.Oct 2012$39,369,892
9DeepcoinEmerging exchange with competitive features.Nov 2018$5,846,197,784
10BitMEXPioneer in cryptocurrency derivatives trading.Apr 2014$380,662,791
11BingXInnovative exchange with a variety of tools.May 2018$8,183,403,979
12Gate.ioVersatile exchange offering a range of cryptos.Jan 2013$1,327,901,768
13XT.COMExchange known for a wide selection of digital assets.Oct 2018$8,007,653,448
14HTXOffers a mix of traditional and innovative products.Sep 2013$1,082,043,740
15MEXCExchange with a focus on user experience and security.Apr 2018$4,423,967,635
16DigiFinexOffers a range of crypto services with global reach.Apr 2018$9,741,969,073
17bitFlyerRenowned for its simplicity and security.Jan 2014$18,334,645
18CoinTR ProEmerging platform with a focus on diverse markets.Aug 2022$8,574,810,987
19CoinWOffers a wide range of cryptocurrencies and features.Jul 2017$8,340,596,590
20GeminiKnown for its regulatory compliance and security.Oct 2015$2,032,928
21BiKingOffers innovative trading options and services.Dec 2017$7,075,222,905
22BlofinFocuses on financial innovation in the crypto space.Jan 2023$7,078,801,081
23AscendEX (BitMax)Known for a broad array of financial products.Jul 2018$7,081,899,699 ExchangeOffers a comprehensive suite of crypto services.Nov 2019$914,297,257
25BitVenusEmerging exchange with competitive trading options.May 2018$6,815,308,528
26LBankProvides a wide range of crypto trading services.Oct 2016$6,392,652,859
27BitrueKnown for user-friendly interface and security.Jul 2018$5,427,609,193
28BitMakeNew player with a focus on innovative trading tools.Mar 2022$5,174,218,585
29BitMartOffers diverse crypto assets and financial services.Mar 2018$4,562,468,222
30ToobitFocuses on providing a secure and efficient service.Oct 2022$4,402,217,199
31PhemexKnown for its zero-fee spot trading options.Nov 2019$812,547,606
32PionexOffers automated trading bots for efficient trading.Jun 2019$3,473,167,870
33ZOOMEXEmerging exchange with a user-friendly platform.Nov 2021$2,539,237,337
34Delta ExchangeSpecializes in crypto derivatives and futures.Aug 2018$65,646,191
35FairdeskNew exchange offering competitive trading services.Sep 2021$1,883,602,173
36OrangeXOffers a variety of digital assets and services.Jun 2021$1,866,902,757
37CommEXNew exchange focusing on innovative trading.Jul 2023$45,627,717
38HotscoinEmerging platform in the crypto exchange market.May 2022$1,280,906,940
39WOO XKnown for low fees and deep liquidity options.Nov 2019$257,975,625
40WebseaOffers a range of crypto services with new tech.Aug 2023$1,099,509,973
41Hotcoin GlobalFocuses on a wide variety of cryptocurrencies.Nov 2017$1,034,250,446
42ACDXKnown for its unique products and services.Sep 2020$112,450,130
43StormGainOffers a range of crypto trading options.Jul 2019$63,849,880
44FameEXEmerging exchange with diverse trading offerings.Dec 2019$556,314,593
45BITFLEXNew platform with a focus on user-friendly trading.Oct 2022$533,468,901
46PoloniexOne of the earliest crypto exchanges in the market.Jan 2014$19,847,121
47BITOffers a range of crypto trading services.Aug 2020$14,758,876
48WhiteBITEuropean-based exchange with a variety of options.Dec 2018$462,761,961
49BitcastleEmerging platform focusing on user experience.Jul 2019$451,418,033
50UZXOffers a variety of crypto services and tools.Apr 2023$3,072,175,225
51Globe Derivative ExchangeSpecializes in crypto derivatives and futures.May 2021$1,885,582
52BitunixNew exchange with a focus on security and tech.Oct 2021$9,866,841,641
53BlueBitKnown for its high trading volume and liquidity.Mar 2022$18,254,050,049
54TapbitFocuses on user-friendly services and security.Oct 2021$5,424,670,371
55CoinCatchOffers a wide range of crypto assets and services.Sep 2022$8,357,527,352
56Zedcex ExchangeEmerging exchange with a focus on innovation.Jul 2023$10,621,678,659
57BTCCOne of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges.Jun 2011$7,962,180,316
58UEExNew exchange offering a range of crypto assets.Jan 2022$3,898,670,756
59BitForexKnown for a variety of trading options.Jun 2018$125,601,669
60PowerTradeFocuses on crypto derivatives and futures.Apr 2021$3,111
61TruBit Pro ExchangeOffers innovative crypto trading solutions.Jul 2020$1,265,675,907
62Coinbase International ExchangeRenowned for its user-friendly platform.May 2023$283,028,324
63MillioneroOffers a variety of crypto trading services.Mar 2022$283,511,270
644eEmerging exchange with innovative features.Aug 2023$2,540,509,259
65CoinExKnown for its range of cryptocurrencies.Dec 2017$163,833,536
66FlipsterOffers a variety of crypto services.Dec 2020$102,712,311
67CoincallNew exchange with a focus on user experience.Jul 2023$99,660,372
68ONUS ProOffers advanced trading tools and services.Mar 2023$59,119,887
69GroveXFocuses on secure and efficient trading.Mar 2023$3,735,312,820
70BTSEOffers a wide range of financial products.Sep 2018$599,754,989
71CoinTigerOffers a diverse range of crypto assets and tools.Dec 2017$3,095,467,433
72BiboxFocuses on AI-enhanced encrypted digital asset services.Nov 2017$307,042,328
73BIKAEmerging exchange with innovative trading options.Mar 2021$211,895,036
74HitBTCRenowned for supporting a wide variety of cryptocurrencies.Dec 2013$13,582,639
75BYDFiNew exchange with a focus on diverse crypto services.Apr 2020$354,161,364
76Kine Protocol (Polygon)Specializes in decentralized derivatives trading.Mar 2021$336,255,736
77WEEXOffers a range of crypto trading and financial services.Apr 2018$1,516,676,696
Crypto Exchanges in 2024

What are Crypto Perpetuals

Crypto perpetuals, short for perpetual contracts, are a type of futures contract used in the cryptocurrency market, but with a significant difference: they don’t have an expiration date. This means traders can hold a position for as long as they desire. Perpetual contracts are designed to mimic the spot market but with the added advantage of leverage, allowing traders to amplify their trading results.

Key characteristics of crypto perpetuals include:

  1. Leverage: Traders can borrow funds to increase their trading position beyond their immediate capital.
  2. Price Mechanism: The prices of perpetual contracts are generally kept in line with the underlying asset’s market price through a mechanism called the “funding rate.”
  3. No Expiry Date: Unlike traditional futures, perpetual contracts don’t have a settlement date.

How to Trade Crypto Perpetuals

Trading crypto perpetuals involves understanding the funding rate mechanism, which is central to how these contracts function.

  1. Funding Rates: This is a periodic payment either paid or received by traders holding positions, depending on the direction of their trade. If the funding rate is positive, long position holders pay short position holders. Conversely, if the funding rate is negative, short position holders pay long position holders.
  2. Opening a Position: Traders need to decide whether they want to go long (betting the price will rise) or short (betting the price will fall).
  3. Leverage and Margin: Determine the level of leverage to use. More leverage increases both potential gains and potential losses.
  4. Monitoring and Adjusting: Continuously monitor the market and adjust the position as necessary, taking into account the funding rate, market trends, and your risk tolerance.
  5. Closing the Position: A trader can close their position at any time, realizing their profit or loss.

Why Should One Try Different Crypto Exchanges

  1. Diverse Features and Tools: Different exchanges offer unique tools and features. Some might have better risk management tools, while others might offer more types of orders or better user interfaces.
  2. Liquidity and Slippage: Liquidity can vary significantly between exchanges. Higher liquidity generally means less price slippage and better order execution.
  3. Fees and Funding Rates: Fee structures differ across exchanges. Some might have lower trading fees or more favorable funding rates, impacting overall profitability.
  4. Security and Reliability: Exchanges have varying levels of security and reliability. Diversifying across exchanges can mitigate the risk associated with exchange-specific issues.
  5. Regulatory Compliance: Depending on your location, some exchanges may be more compliant with local regulations, offering an additional layer of security and legitimacy.
  6. Customer Support and Community: The level of customer support and the nature of the community surrounding an exchange can greatly affect your trading experience.

Trying different exchanges allows traders to find the platform that best suits their trading style and needs, and it can also spread and mitigate the risks associated with trading on a single platform.

Most Popular Crypto Futures

Crypto perpetuals have emerged as a significant trading instrument in the digital asset markets, with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Solana (SOL) perpetual contracts being among the most popular. Bitcoin perpetuals, the frontrunners in this domain, are highly sought after for their liquidity and round-the-clock trading, allowing traders to leverage Bitcoin’s price volatility for potential gains. Ethereum perpetuals follow closely, capitalizing on ETH’s central role in the blockchain and decentralized finance (DeFi) space. These contracts enable traders to speculate on Ethereum’s price movements without the need for direct ownership of the asset, presenting a combination of flexibility and exposure to a key cryptocurrency.

Solana (SOL) perpetual contracts have also gained traction, particularly among traders interested in newer, high-growth potential blockchains. Solana, known for its high throughput and low transaction costs, presents a different flavor of perpetual contracts, appealing to those speculating on the growth and adoption of more recent blockchain technologies. While trading these perpetuals offers numerous benefits like leverage and the ability to short sell, it also comes with risks inherent to the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies. The high volatility can lead to significant profits but also substantial losses, especially when leveraging positions. As such, engaging in BTC, ETH, and SOL perpetuals demands a well-planned strategy and an understanding of the market dynamics to navigate these potentially lucrative yet risky waters.

Top 10 Crypto Perps in 2024

Here’s a table of the top 10 crypto futures as of 2024, including popular assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana:

BitcoinBTCOriginal and most widely known cryptocurrency, often considered as digital gold.
EthereumETHBlockchain platform known for smart contracts, underpinning a large portion of DeFi projects.
SolanaSOLHigh-performance blockchain supporting decentralized apps and crypto projects.
Binance CoinBNBCryptocurrency of the Binance exchange, used in various transactions on the platform.
CardanoADABlockchain platform with a focus on secure, scalable decentralized applications and smart contracts.
XRPXRPDigital payment protocol known for its speed and low transaction costs.
PolkadotDOTBlockchain interoperability platform aiming to enable different blockchains to work together.
DogecoinDOGEPopular meme coin known for its vibrant community and internet culture.
Shiba InuSHIBAnother meme coin, famous for its massive supply and micro-value transactions.
LitecoinLTCOne of the first altcoins, known for its faster transaction processing compared to Bitcoin.
Top 10 Crypto Perp Futures in 2024

These coins are available on almost all of the crypto exchanges listed above.

Have Fun Trading!

P.S. Nothing here is financial advice. Crypto is risky. The above links are affiliate.

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