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If you’re looking to make money in cryptocurrency, understanding the crypto narratives is essential. Narratives in the crypto space refer to trends, popular categories, and the stories we tell ourselves, often found in places like YouTube and Twitter. The reason why these narratives are so important is simple: attention equals money. If a particular crypto token or NFT collection gets attention, its value increases; if the attention fades, its value decreases.

In order to help you stay on top of the trends and potentially make a profit, I’ll cover the current crypto narratives on my channel. Being early to a trend and understanding its dynamics can significantly increase your chances of picking the right players in a given category.

The newest category emerging, which is likely to boom in the next bull market, is Telegram Bots. CoinGecko, a popular crypto data aggregator, has recently acknowledged this category, marking its official arrival in the crypto market.

Two leaders in this space are LootBot and Unibot, each offering different services. Unibot serves as a trading bot, while Loot Bolt is known as an airdrop bot. There are several other possibilities within this category that are worth exploring, especially considering the market capitalization is still under 100 million dollars, which is relatively small when compared to categories like meme coins.

How Telegram Bots make money

One of the attractive features of Telegram Bots like Unibot and Loot Bot is the fee distribution model. Essentially, the bots generate fees from usage, which are then distributed to the holders of their respective tokens. This creates a virtuous cycle: the more the bot is used, the more fees it generates, and the higher the token’s price climbs.

Unibot, being the market leader, currently accounts for a majority of the market capitalization in this category. It offers advanced trading options on platforms like UniSwap and helps users navigate newly created liquidity pools, essentially automating a significant portion of on-chain trades.

Another promising bot is Maestro, which currently doesn’t have a token. This might present a potential opportunity for users, as the introduction of a token in the future could increase the value of participating in their ecosystem.

Meanwhile, Loot Bot streamlines the process of participating in airdrops by automating steps like bridging, swapping, and adding liquidity. All users have to do is choose a network and fund it to start airdrop farming.

Crypto Trading Bots

Now with Unibot you can trade while you sleep and do a lot of the other stuff as well.

Unibot is a Telegram bot which you set up. It gives you wallets or you can import your wallet and basically do transactions for you. It has a couple of options, like doing mirror trading if you observe whale wallets and want to do the same thing. You can snipe new listings very quickly, or just do limit orders on UniSwap. You put the price and it’s going to get used by the bot. It’s very simple to set up. You just connect everything and then on top of that there’s a Unibot token that actually gives you access to even more and it gives you rewards. It actually gives you rewards from all the people that are doing trades using the Unibot.

Unibot, the fastest Telegram trading bot, has already had all its users do $55 million in trading volume in just two months. There’s revenue shared distributed of almost a million dollars. They market themselves as six times faster than trading on UniSwap because you don’t have to do any additional steps. One click and everything is done by the bot for you.

Apart from having all the options like on UniSwap for just trading, you also have limit orders which means that you can execute your strategy as you want. It’s super easy to set up everything. For example, on Telegram you put the amount, have the wallet connected, do the price change and set up everything how it should be used on chain. Of course, you could do that before Unibot, but it would need for you to code everything yourself. Now with Unibot, even if you have no coding skills, you can do that pretty much effortlessly.

There’s also a mirror sniper feature so you can trade like the pros or replicate the people that you’re following. Remember, nothing is guaranteed. But if you have people that you follow who you think are good traders, then probably doing trades with Unibot is much better and much faster than actually following them just by observing what they’re doing.

Another cool option is that you can fail guard sell. If anything doesn’t work, you can just basically test your sales ahead and maximize your selling potential. It’s really easy to set up; you set up everything in a Telegram bot.

Finally, there’s the option for private transactions so you can outsmart all the sandwich attacks and the Mev Bots, making your transactions private so you don’t pay that much in slippage.

Unibot also has a built-in scanner that allows you to discover new tokens. You can access the scanner from their website.

Unibot also has a revenue share system. If you’re a holder of UniBot tokens, you get some of the transaction fees. The number of tokens required may have been reduced due to the price of the Unibot token growing substantially, achieving a $70 million market cap.

Another trading Telegram bot that is innovating is Maestro.

Crypto Airdrop Bots

Making money with crypto airdrops is the best way to go from zero to hero in crypto if you have no capital. This is definitely the best way to start. However, there are many manual tasks that you have to do because not only you have to keep track of all the new airdrops and all the actions that you have to make like swaps, bridging, and maybe going for a quest, but also you have to have the calendar and know when to click something when something is ongoing and do those things over and over. It can be really tiresome and this is where the potential new narrative is coming along the way.

in this video, we’re going to look at Loot, Frens, and Alpha. These coins are still small, with the biggest one, Loot, having a market cap of 11 million dollars. Frans has a 2 million dollar market cap, and Alpha has a half a million dollar market cap.

Let’s start with Loot. This is the biggest of them all and it’s also the most developed. You connect to the Loot bot on Telegram, transfer funds, type start, and you’ll be able to start farming right away. They aim to make everything as simple as possible so that anyone can jump in and start doing a lot of things. Loot tries to automate airdrop farming for you across different chains and protocols.

The second bot I mentioned is Farmer Frens. It works similarly to Loot, aiming to give you a helping hand in acquiring those airdrops. After the setup, you’ll be able to farm on multiple wallets and protocols, but remember farming is risky. There’s no guarantee that you’ll get those airdrops.

Lastly, there’s Alpha. Just like the other two, its aim is to automate airdrop farming and make it as easy as possible. But always be mindful of the fact that if you create too many wallets, you might not get any airdrops.

These are the three tokens that can help automate your airdrop farming. It’s an interesting area of crypto, and these tokens show potential, but always do your own research and understand the risks before diving in.

Bots the next 100x narrative?

As the crypto market continues to evolve, staying updated with the latest narratives can provide a competitive edge. It’s essential to remember that nothing in this space is guaranteed and each investment requires thorough research. However, with the right knowledge and understanding of the market trends, making money in crypto might become easier.

On Twitter I have written:

** Telegram Bots are the real 100x of the next Bull Market **

And there are a couple of reasons for that. Let me explain:

1) AI Narrative

Bots play well within AI narrative. It’s easy to add machine learning components to Telegram bots and make them fully “AI coins”

2) Revenue

Bots have real business case and revenue coming from fees. These fees can be partly redistributed to users (staking rewards), partly reinvested into a product (new features, marketing). Revenue is still rare in crypto.

3) Easiness

Telegram bots have the most important feature for adoption – they are easy to understand. What’s easier than having a bot that trades for you or find crypto airdrops for you? They are also easy to setup, usually leading you by the hand.

** 100x with Bots ***

These 3 reasons are enough to make the best products in this category the next 100x when the bull market comes (think 2024-2025). Of course not every bot coin will make 100x. Also we might see the best players only enter the arena. Everything here depends on the execution and utility. You can build an initial hype with marketing, but bot coins really depend on whether the actual bot works as intended or not.

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P.S. the above links are affiliate. Remember to always do your own research. Nothing here is financial advice.

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