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5 Memecoins to Watch

Memecoins have one fundamental value – they grab attention. Attention then can be monetized through sponsorships, ads or merch. That’s why I’m bullish on memecoins in general. Attention is money, and meme coins tend to grab attention pretty well, especially on Twitter.

5 memecoins list

Yup, this is the list of memecoins that I watch

This is of course not a financial advice, you should always do your own research. We are still in the bear market so a lot might change. These are the tokens I like for how they operate and grab attention.

People on Crypto Twitter often talk about how meme coins don’t have fundamental value, especially compared to hard-tech DeFi protocols. But memecoins do have Fundamental Value – Attention.

Attention is the purest form of the fundamental value you can build, especially if you’re into entertainment. Attention can be monetized, either through sponsorships or merch or ads. With recently launched creators’ revenue on Twitter, memecoins can have a viable business model, trading attention for money.


I talk about the attention economy for memecoins more in my recent video here:

Watch it to learn more about the top 5 memecoins I’ve mentioned and also understand how attention economy works when it comes to memecoins.

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Other tokens are available on DEXs like Uniswap.

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