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PC Crypto Airdrop Guide

Crypto Airdrops are the best way to build your wealth in crypto from zero, especially if you’re doing only testnet airdrops. Usually to qualify for a potential airdrop you have to use a particular protocol. That can be a swap on an upcoming DEX, using a bridge to a new L2 or using a new NFT marketplace.

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Most recent crypto airdrops

[Blockchain] is noted in brackets for each crypto airdrop with [multi] meaning multiple chains. Listed by the most recent:

  1. [ETH] NFTperp – long & short NFTs DeFi app
  2. [ATOM] Teritori, Harbor, MUN, Stride, Rebus – DeFi apps on Cosmos
  3. [multi] – multi-chain swaps
  4. [ADA] Spectrum Finance – cross-chain DEX
  5. [multi] Trust Wallet – popular crypto wallet
  6. [ETH] Voltz – advance DeFi product for Interest Rate Swaps
  7. [Arbitrum] Vertex – DEX
  8. [Tezos] objkt – NFT marketplace
  9. [multi] Galxe – web3 identity
  10. [Optimism] Optimism – L2 for Ethereum
  11. [Zetachain] Zetachain – L1 blockchain
  12. [Sui] Sui – L1 blockchain built on Move
  13. [Starknet] JediSwap – DEX
  14. [Solana] Jupiter – DEX aggregator
  15. [Celestia, 5ire, Sei Network] new testnet blockchains
  16. [ETH] Uniswap – DEX & NFT marketplace
  17. [multi] Mean Finance – DCA protocol
  18. [ETH] Paraspace – NFT yield farming
  19. [Arbitrum] Arbitrum & GMX airdrop
  20. [ETH] Scroll – zkEVM L2 Ethereum
  21. [Polygon] Lens Protocol – web3 social media
  22. [Shardeum] Shardeum testnet L1 blockchain
  23. [Sui] Araya Finance – DeFi protocol
  24. [multi] Metamask – most popular crypto wallet
  25. [AVAX] Deepwaters – DEX

How to start with crypto airdrops

A crypto airdrop is a distribution of a certain amount of cryptocurrency tokens to a group of people for free. Airdrops are often used by cryptocurrency projects to promote their tokens and build a user base. If you are interested in participating in a crypto airdrop, here are a few steps you can follow:

  1. Find a crypto airdrop: There are several ways to find a crypto airdrop, such as by following cryptocurrency news sites, joining online communities or forums, or subscribing to airdrop alert websites. These sources can provide information on the terms and conditions, the amount of tokens being distributed, and the requirements to participate.
  2. Meet the requirements: Each airdrop may have different requirements, such as having a specific cryptocurrency wallet or following the project’s social media accounts. Make sure to meet these requirements to be eligible for the airdrop.
  3. Claim the airdrop: Once you have met the requirements, you can claim the airdrop by following the instructions provided by the project. This may involve providing your wallet address or completing a form on the project’s website.
  4. Keep track of your airdropped tokens: Once you have received the airdropped tokens, you should keep track of them in your wallet. You can do this by adding the tokens as a custom token in your wallet or by using a cryptocurrency tracking tool.

Remember that crypto airdrops are typically free, but they may carry some risks. Some airdrops may be scams, and others may not have a strong development team or a viable business model. It is important to carefully research the project and assess the risks before participating in an airdrop.

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General guide on crypto airdrops

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