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Sui No Crypto Airdrop

In a surprising turn of events, Sui, an L1 blockchain built on the Move programming language, has decided not to follow the airdrop trend in the crypto market. Many were expecting Sui to offer an airdrop after numerous tests, devnets, and NFT collections like Capybaras. However, Sui announced that they will not be doing a crypto airdrop, leaving many airdrop chasers disappointed.

Instead of an airdrop, Sui is offering an alternative for its early supporters. Participants in the Sui community will be able to purchase the project’s tokens at a discounted rate, which is essentially an indirect airdrop. The discounted tokens will not have a lockup period, allowing early supporters to sell them right away if they wish to do so.

To verify if you’re eligible for the discounted token sale, you can visit the official website, and follow the verification process. However, it is important to note that this offer is not available to U.S. citizens due to SEC regulations.

The discounted token sale will take place on exchanges like Kucoin, OKX, and ByBit. The price will be $0.03 per 1 SUI token.

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For those who are not part of the Sui community, a general public token sale will also be available at a higher price. Participants in the general sale can stake different tokens on Kucoin to participate in the token generation event.

Sui no Crypto Airdrop

While the discounted token sale is a unique approach to rewarding early supporters, it is worth noting that the amount of tokens available for purchase will be limited. As a result, even those who successfully verify their eligibility may only be able to buy a small number of discounted tokens.

In conclusion, Sui’s decision to forego a traditional airdrop in favor of offering discounted tokens to early supporters has caused mixed reactions in the crypto community. However, the discounted token sale still presents an opportunity for early supporters to benefit from their involvement in the project.

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