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StarkNet, the layer-2 Ethereum scaling solution, is embarking on the next phase of its decentralization journey through the StarkNet Provisions Program. This program will distribute STRK, Starknet’s native token, to the dedicated community that has driven its growth and success.

What is STRK?

STRK plays a crucial role in various aspects of the StarkNet network:

  • Network Fees: Users can choose to pay transaction fees on StarkNet using either ETH or STRK.
  • Governance: STRK tokens enable holders to participate in governing StarkNet’s future, steering its evolution.
  • Staking: In the future, users can stake STRK to help select sequencers, ensuring StarkNet remains decentralized.

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Understanding Provisions

The StarkNet Foundation is allocating over 700 million STRK tokens (out of 900 million dedicated to the program) to addresses directly contributing to StarkNet or the foundations it stands upon. Notably, StarkNet will cover claim transaction fees when utilizing their official portal.

Program Overview:

  • Launch: Opens February 20th, 2024, at 12pm UTC
  • Eligibility Check: Provisions Portal ( Beware of scams, always verify URLs.
  • Claiming Window: Available for 4 months, after which unclaimed tokens return to the pool for future distribution.
  • Claim Requirements: StarkNet Wallet (ensure yours is updated).

Important Note: Due to regulatory constraints, residents of certain regions and entities on the U.S. or U.K. sanctions lists cannot participate. This restriction includes U.S. persons at this time.

Who Receives STRK?

StarkNet seeks to reward diverse groups across these key categories:

  • StarkNet Stack & Ecosystem Contributors
    • Early adopters active on the network
    • Community members promoting adoption, education, and awareness
    • Developers building core StarkNet tools and functionalities
  • StarkEx Users
    • Early interactions with STARK technology bolstering StarkNet’s foundations
  • Ethereum Contributors
    • Protocol Guild developers maintaining Ethereum’s security
    • Developers improving core Ethereum tools and repositories
    • Authors of Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs)
    • ETH Stakers (pre-merge) who helped secure Ethereum at various levels
  • Open-Source Developers
    • Contributors to popular non-crypto software, acknowledging the building blocks of blockchain tech

Here’s a summary of the Starknet STRK crypto airdrop allocation in a table format:

CategoryPercentage of STRKNumber of Recipients
ETH Stakers21.99%19,006
Starknet Users51.33%506,896
Open-Source Developers2.12%137,256
Starknet Developers2.14%1,540
StarkEx Users9.62%622,996
Ethereum Developers3.34%13,432
Ethereum Protocol Guild Members0.22%160
Starknet ECMP Members9.05%2,098
EIP Authors0.19%695
Starknet STRK crypto airdrop allocation table and comparison


  • The percentage (%) is the percentage of STRK allocated to each category.
  • The sum of recipients is a fraction of a percentage higher than the actual number due to the inclusion of recipients who are eligible to receive STRK in more than one category.
  • Some staking pools and exchanges are counted as single recipients. Therefore, the actual number of eligible stakers is much higher.
  • The Ethereum Protocol Guild category will receive an additional 6 million tokens to their vesting contract on Ethereum.

You didn’t make it?

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Key Program Principles

  • Contribution-Based: Focused on substantial contributions to StarkNet, STARK technology, Ethereum, or related open-source projects.
  • Broad Distribution: Aimed at empowering a diverse array of community members with a stake in StarkNet’s future.
  • Transparency: Distribution criteria and eligible recipients will be publicly shared.
  • Expanding Ethereum Adoption: Seeks to welcome participants outside the core crypto realm, aligning with StarkNet’s vision of bringing Ethereum adoption to the masses.

Staying Safe – Beware of Scams!

With growing excitement, malicious actors may exploit the program with copycat portals or imitation projects. Stay vigilant and adhere to these precautions:

  • Always verify information solely through official StarkNet channels
  • Never share your private keys or seed phrases for claiming STRK
  • Be wary of unsolicited messages or links

Always use the official links: and verify them with the official Twitter and other sources.

Get Involved with StarkNet

Whether you’re eligible for the Provisions Program or not, now is the ideal time to become part of the StarkNet community. Visit StarkNet’s website, connect with them on social media, or dive into building your first dApp on this scalable and secure platform.

The StarkNet Provisions Program unlocks a new chapter in StarkNet’s history, moving it one step closer to widespread decentralization and user governance.

Watch the Starknet STRK crypto airdrop video here:

Starknet STRK crypto airdrop video

P.S. Nothing here is financial advice, purely education content. Links are affiliate.

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