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Category: Infrastructure

  • Solana MEV

    Solana MEV

    Maximal Extractable Value (MEV) on Solana, often termed as “Maximum Extractable Value,” refers to the additional profit that can be captured by reordering, including, or excluding transactions when producing a block on the blockchain. This concept has gained significant traction within Solana’s ecosystem, particularly due to the introduction of specialized infrastructure like Jito Labs.

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  • Tangem Crypto Wallet

    Tangem Crypto Wallet

    Tangem, established in 2017 and headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, has made a significant mark in the cryptocurrency hardware wallet industry. Specializing in smartcard-based wallets, Tangem aims to simplify and secure cryptocurrency storage and transactions for users. Its approach has garnered attention for being particularly user-friendly and accessible, especially for beginners in the crypto space.

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  • Bridge Airdrop Bridge Airdrop

    In the ever-expanding world of decentralized finance (DeFi), one of the biggest challenges users face is moving their crypto assets across different blockchains. Each blockchain operates as its own ecosystem, often incompatible with others. This limitation can hinder users from accessing the best opportunities on various chains. steps in to solve this problem with…

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  • Starknet STRK Airdrop

    Starknet STRK Airdrop

    StarkNet, the layer-2 Ethereum scaling solution, is embarking on the next phase of its decentralization journey through the StarkNet Provisions Program. This program will distribute STRK, Starknet’s native token, to the dedicated community that has driven its growth and success.

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  • Bridge Crypto Airdrop

    Bridge Crypto Airdrop

    Are you ready to capitalize on the potential of bridge crypto airdrops? They represent a unique opportunity to earn tokens simply by utilizing cross-chain bridge protocols.

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  • ERC 404 Pandora Explained

    ERC 404 Pandora Explained

    The world of cryptocurrency is constantly evolving, with new tokens and standards emerging all the time. One recent development that has grabbed the attention of investors and enthusiasts alike is the ERC-404 token and its associated standard. But what exactly is ERC-404, and what makes Pandora, the first token built on this standard, so special?

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  • Crypto Credit Cards

    Crypto Credit Cards

    Crypto cards, also known as cryptocurrency debit or credit cards, have become a popular way for individuals to use their crypto holdings for everyday transactions. They bridge the gap between the digital cryptocurrency world and the real-world economy.

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  • Top 8 DePIN Crypto

    Top 8 DePIN Crypto

    DePIN or Decentralized Physical Infrastructure is a new crypto narrative. Discover top 8 DePIN coins.

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  • Blockchain Bridges

    Blockchain Bridges

    In the fast-evolving world of cryptocurrencies, blockchains were once isolated islands. As the ecosystem expanded, the need for interoperability became apparent, giving rise to “crypto bridges” — the digital pathways that allow for the transfer of assets and information from one blockchain to another. This article will explore what these bridges are and how they…

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