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Tangem Crypto Wallet

Tangem, established in 2017 and headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, has made a significant mark in the cryptocurrency hardware wallet industry. Specializing in smartcard-based wallets, Tangem aims to simplify and secure cryptocurrency storage and transactions for users. Its approach has garnered attention for being particularly user-friendly and accessible, especially for beginners in the crypto space.

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tangem crypto wallet

Key Features of Tangem Crypto Wallet

One of the key features of the Tangem wallet is its ease of setup. Users can activate their wallet with a simple tap of the card on their smartphone, typically completing the process in about 3 minutes. The wallet works by generating a random private key through the chip in the card, which secures the crypto assets. This key is then transferred to other cards in the set, ensuring secure and private storage of the keys. Tangem’s safety record is notable, with no reported hacks of its wallets since its inception.

The Tangem wallet supports over 6,000 digital assets and is compatible with more than 40 different blockchains, making it a versatile choice for cryptocurrency users. Additionally, the wallet facilitates the buying, selling, and swapping of crypto directly within its app, adding to its convenience. The wallet’s design is unique, resembling a standard card, which contributes to its user-friendly nature.

Crypto Wallet Security

Security is a major focus for Tangem. The wallet boasts an EAL6+ security certification, a high standard also used in biometric passports, ensuring robust protection for users’ digital assets. Unlike many hardware wallets, Tangem doesn’t require a recovery seed. Instead, users can set up multiple Tangem wallets, with the additional ones serving as backups. However, for those who prefer, the option to generate a seed phrase is also available.

From a practical standpoint, Tangem wallets are designed for mobile use and are supported by both Android and iOS devices. They come in packs of 2 or 3 NFC-enabled cards, with the wallet being notably durable compared to its competitors.

Should you buy Tangem Wallet

Tangem has shown a commitment to expanding and improving its product offerings, as evidenced by its raising of $23 million over two funding rounds, which has enabled the company to broaden its operations globally. The team behind Tangem combines expertise in technology, finance, and management, contributing to the wallet’s innovative features and reliable performance.

In conclusion, Tangem offers an innovative, secure, and user-friendly solution for cryptocurrency storage and transactions. Its ease of use, coupled with robust security features, makes it a compelling option for both beginners and experienced users in the cryptocurrency space.

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Watch this video showing Tangem Wallet unboxing and the use of Tangem app:

Tangem Crypto Wallet review

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