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  • KelpDAO KEP Airdrop

    KelpDAO KEP Airdrop

    KelpDAO is a new project focused on liquid staking within the Ethereum ecosystem. This innovative concept is attracting attention, and with that comes a lucrative airdrop to entice early adopters. Here’s what you need to know, distilled from the best YouTube resources.

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  • Restaking Restaking

    Ethereum staking has risen as a key way to support network integrity and earn rewards for securing the blockchain. However, for many, barriers like the traditional 32 ETH lock-up made participation difficult. tackles this limitation, offering a decentralized, non-custodial platform to stake any amount of ETH and reap the benefits.

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  • EigenLayer Airdrop

    EigenLayer Airdrop

    The much-anticipated Eigenlayer airdrop promises significant rewards for those who prepare strategically. Eigenlayer, a middleware on Ethereum, allows you to re-stake your Ethereum (ETH) or staked ETH tokens for additional profit and amplified airdrop point accrual. This guide explores proven tactics to boost your Eigenlayer points, leading to potentially increased airdrop benefits.

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