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Ultimate Airdrop List for 2024

Crypto Airdrops are emerging as the top narrative in crypto for 2024.

They are not just about getting free tokens; they represent a deeper strategy for project growth and community engagement.

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Introduction to Airdrops

A crypto airdrop is a marketing strategy where new blockchain projects distribute free tokens or coins to the community. This approach helps in creating buzz and building a robust user base even before the product goes live. Airdrops can also be a means for rewarding loyal users or enhancing token distribution.

Ultimate List of Crypto Airdrops for 2024

Here’s the ultimate list of crypto airdrops you can farm in 2024. You can find even more airdrops on DegenFrog.

The list is divided into different Tiers. You should basically start from the top. There are different types and chains being used.

Also each airdrop has a different cost to farm. Some are free, because they are still testnets, some cost gas fees and liquidity to be locked into protocols. Remember that nothing here is guaranteed, crypto is risky and you can lose your capital.

Project NameTypeChain / TechTierCost to FarmAirdrop Status
MonadLayer 1Celestia EVM*SFREETokenless
zkSyncMainnetLayer 2*SLiquidityGas
Layer ZeroCross-ChainLayer Zero*SGas FeesConfirmed
Eclipse LabsLayer 2Celestia*SFREETokenless
Eigen LayerLSD/LRTFiEthereum Liquid*SLiquidityPoints System
Cosmos StakingLayer 1Cosmos*SLiquidityConfirmed
Renzo ProtocolLSD/LRTFiLiquid/Re-Stak…ALiquidityPoints System
Fuel NetworkLayer 1CelestiaAFREETokenless
HyperLaneCross-ChainCelestiaAGas FeesTokenless
Orderly NetworkCross-ChainLayer ZeroALiquidityTokenless
Mode NetworkLayer 2OP StackAGas FeesTokenless
GRVTPerpetualszkSync EraALiquidityPoints System
LogXPerpetualsMantle ArbitrumALiquidityPoints System
LineaMainnetLayer 2AGas FeesLiquidity
Mantle NetworkMainnetLayer 2AGas FeesLiquidity
ether.fiLSD/LRTFiEthereum LiquidALiquidityPoints System
Jupiter (Round 2)Cross-ChainzkEVMAGas FeesConfirmed
StrideLSD/LRTFiCosmos CelestiaALiquidityConfirmed
KromaLayer 2EVMAGas FeesPoints System
Kelp DAOLSD/LRTFiEthereum LiquidALiquidityPoints System
Swell NetworkLSD/LRTFiEthereum LiquidALiquidityPoints System
Gravita ProtocolLSD/LRTFiLiquid/Re-Stak…ALiquidityPoints System
MÄ“tis Season 1Layer 2EVMAFREEPoints System
TensorNFTsSolanaBLiquidityPoints System
EigenPieLSD/LRTFiEthereumBLiquidityPoints System
DOP (Data OwnershipLayer 1PrivacyBFREEConfirmed
Elixir ProtocolLayer 1BLiquidityTokenless
Hypr NetworkGameFiCelestiaBGas FeesTokenless
AleoLayer 1BFREEConfirmed
ShardeumLayer 1EVMBFREETokenless
Mito FinanceDEXInjectiveBPlanning
Helix AppDerivativ…InjectiveBLiquidityTokenless
SyncSwapDEXzkSync Era ScroBGas FeesTokenless
LI.Fi (Jumper ExchaCross-C…EVMBGas FeesTokenless
ScrollLayer 2zkEVMBLiquidityGas
TaikoLayer 2zkEVMBFREETokenless
AevoPerpetualsOP Stack App ClBLiquidityPoints System
Drift ProtocolPerpetualsSolanaBLiquidityPoints System
IntentXPerpetualsBaseBLiquidityPoints System
HyperLiquid XPerpetualsApp ChainBLiquidityPoints System
deBridgeCross-ChainEVMBGas FeesPoints System
Orbiter FinanceCross-ChainEVMBGas FeesPoints System
Zeus NetworkCross-ChainSolana BitcoinBFREEPoints System
Rabby WalletServicesEVMBGas FeesPoints System
Redstone OraclesOraclesBFREEPoints System
LightLinkLayer 2CelestiaBGas FeesConfirmed
Hydro ProtocolLSD/LRTFiInjectiveBConfirmed
DeBankServicesEVMBGas FeesTokenless
BaseLayer 2OP StackBGas FeesLiquidity
Ambient FinanceDEXScrollBLiquidityTokenless
BerachainLayer 1CelestiaBFREETokenless
Aether CloudGPU CloudArbitrumBFREETokenless
Milky WayLSD/LRTFiCelestiaBLiquidityPoints System
Kamino FinanceLendingSolanaBLiquidityPoints System
MarginFiLendingSolanaBLiquidityPoints System
ZeroLendLendingzkSync Era ManBLiquidityPoints System
ParclRWASolanaBLiquidityPoints System
Masa FinanceServicesCosmosBFREEConfirmed
Aptos Round 2Layer 1AptosBGas FeesHigh
ZoraLayer 2EVMBGas FeesTokenless
Init CapitalLendingMantleBLiquidityPoints System
Particle NetworkLineaBGas FeesPoints System
Zeta MarketsPerpetualsSolanaCLiquidityPoints System
SatoriPerpetualszkSync Era ScroCLiquidityPoints System
Quai NetworkLayer 1CFREETokenless
Lens ProtocolWeb3 So…Polygon POSCTokenless
Rage TradePerpetualsArbitrum Layer zCTokenless
MetaMaskServicesEVMCGas FeesTokenless
ZerionServicesEVMCGas FeesTokenless
Burnt (XION)Layer 1CosmosCFREEPoints System
ZKX ProtocolPerpetualsStarknetCFREEConfirmed
Butter ExchangeDEXMantleCLiquidityPoints System
Phi LandWeb3 So…Polygon POSCGas FeesPoints System
VenomLayer 1CFREEPoints System
EkuboDEXStarknetCLiquidityPoints System
Azuro ProtocolGambleFiPolygon POSCLiquidityPoints System
Demex ExchangeLendingCosmosCLiquidityPoints System
Nostra FinanceLendingStarknetCLiquidityPoints System
Prime ProtocolLendingBaseCLiquidityPoints System
Black PantherDerivativ…InjectiveCLiquidityPoints System
Yaka FinanceDEXSeiCFREETokenless
Neptune FinanceLendingInjectiveCFREELiquidity
Layer3Web3 So…DGas FeesLow
Ninja BlazeGambleFiInjectiveDFREETokenless
Goal3GambleFizkSync EraDLiquidityLock Drop

How to Participate in Airdrops

To become an effective airdrop hunter, you should:

  1. Stay Informed: Follow crypto news, social media channels, and dedicated airdrop websites to keep abreast of upcoming airdrops.
  2. Meet the Criteria: Many airdrops have specific conditions such as holding a particular token or engaging with the project on social media. Make sure you understand and fulfill these requirements.
  3. Be Cautious: Always verify the authenticity of the airdrop and the project behind it to avoid scams. Never share your private keys and be wary of airdrops asking for upfront payments.

The Different Types of Airdrops

  1. Standard Airdrops: These require minimal effort, like signing up or providing a wallet address.
  2. Holder Airdrops: Targeted at users who already hold a specific token or NFT, rewarding their loyalty.
  3. Bounty Airdrops: Involves completing tasks like promoting the project on social media.
  4. Exclusive Airdrops: Aimed at a select group, such as early supporters or large stakeholders.

The Risks and Rewards

While airdrops can be lucrative, they come with their own risks:

  • Scams: Be vigilant against fake airdrops that aim to steal personal information or funds.
  • Tax Implications: Depending on your jurisdiction, airdrops might be taxable.
  • Token Value: Not all airdrops will yield valuable tokens; some might never gain traction.

General Tips for Airdrop Farming

  • Diversify: Participate in various airdrops to increase your chances of landing profitable ones.
  • Research: Thoroughly investigate each airdrop’s project and team.
  • Security: Use a separate email and wallet for airdrops to protect your primary assets.

The Future of Airdrops

Crypto airdrops have established themselves as a significant element in the world of digital currencies. They not only serve as a marketing tool but also as a way to foster community growth and decentralization in the crypto ecosystem. For the enthusiast, airdrops offer a path to explore new projects and potentially reap rewards. However, caution and informed decisions are key to navigating this exciting yet complex domain.

Watch the video version of the ultimate crypto airdrop list:

Ultimate Crypto Airdrop list for 2024


Remember, the world of cryptocurrencies is highly volatile and unpredictable. Always conduct your own research and consult with financial experts before making any investment decisions. Nothing here is financial advice. Links are affiliate.

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