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Do 20x-100x in a Bull Market

In the intricate and volatile world of cryptocurrencies, the promise of 20x to 100x returns is not just a trader’s fancy but a witnessed reality, especially during the bull runs. Having spent considerable time analyzing the last bull run of 2021, we’ve gleaned valuable insights into the narratives, the rotations, and the rationales behind the meteoric rises of certain tokens. While the upcoming cycle may not mirror the last one precisely, the lessons we draw from history are invaluable, as financial markets often rhyme, driven by the immutable nature of human psychology.

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Note: Remember that nothing here is financial advice. Purely educational content and you should always do your research before investing.

The Essence of the Last Bull Run

1. The New Outshines the Old

In 2021, we observed a clear trend: newer cryptocurrencies significantly outperformed the older ones. Most of the top performers from the 2018 cycle, like Ripple (XRP), Stellar Lumens (XLM), and others, failed to revisit their all-time highs against the USD. Interestingly, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) remained strong exceptions, along with a few others like Binance Coin (BNB) and Dogecoin (DOGE).

2. The Initial Underperformance of Altcoins

Before the bull run took full swing, most altcoins underperformed Bitcoin. This pattern was evident until early 2021 when altcoins began their rapid ascent. This suggests a strategic approach of investing in BTC and ETH at the bear market’s bottom, transitioning to select altcoins as the bull market gains momentum.

3. Short Windows of Explosive Gains

A striking feature of crypto bull runs is the concentration of gains in short periods. For instance, in 2021, specific months witnessed massive rallies in various cryptocurrencies. This emphasizes the need to be fully committed during these critical phases.

Key Themes and Strategies

1. Narrative-Driven Performance

Different themes or narratives can dominate a bull run. DeFi 1.0 and alternative layer 1 solutions (Alt L1s) were among the dominating themes in 2021. Recognizing and capitalizing on such narratives early can lead to significant gains.

2. Rising Risk Appetite

As a bull run progresses, investors’ risk appetite tends to increase. Initially, strong fundamental narratives drive the market, but gradually, more speculative and higher-yielding ventures take the front seat.

3. Influence of ‘Main Characters’

The crypto market often revolves around influential figures whose involvement can lead to massive price movements. For instance, Elon Musk’s endorsement played a crucial role in Dogecoin’s growth.

4. NFTs as a Lucrative Category

NFTs emerged as a highly profitable category, with collections like CryptoPunks and Bored Apes yielding tremendous returns. Understanding and engaging in this space can be highly rewarding.

Trading Strategies for Maximizing Profits

1. Understanding Market Rotations

Crypto trading is a game of rotations. Recognizing when a trend is losing steam and anticipating the next big narrative is crucial for maximizing profits.

2. Preparing for Pumps and Dumps

Being aware of the factors behind major pumps can help in identifying potential dumps. Extreme market fluctuations are common in crypto, and being prepared for these movements is essential.

3. Embracing the Degen Spirit

As narratives evolve, be prepared to embrace more speculative investments. The shift from fundamentally strong projects to more degen-style ventures is typical as the bull run matures.


In summary, the cryptocurrency market is a dynamic and ever-evolving landscape. By learning from past cycles, staying informed about current trends, and adapting investment strategies accordingly, one can be well-positioned to capitalize on the potential high-gain opportunities of future bull markets. Remember, in the world of cryptocurrencies, timing, insight, and adaptability are key.

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